Pop Up Camper Tent VW Van

I really like this concept.  It has a pop up roof for additional head room inside.  Roll out awnings that come out from both sides of the vehicle for lots of shade.  The the awnings are have a netted screen to create an enclosed area to help keep the bug out.  The seat flatten out to make a bed.  On the roof is a set of solar panels to help power the camper.  Of course as I look at this I wonder how the side fold in when the roof is lowered.

source: http://inhabitat.com/6-cool-camper-and-tent-designs-for-a-summer-adventure/solar-eco-camper/?extend=1

Biofuel-Powered Hybrid Home on Wheels

Inspired by gypsy caravans, Sunray Kelly took his vintage 1984 Toyota dolphin camper vehicle, deconstructed the camper shell, and built a canted-wall, curved-roof frame out of recycled aluminum. This camper is called the Gypsy Wagon, it's got a wild new shape and a unique solar/electric/diesel hybrid power plant.  The front camper window is really great looking that I imagine provides a great outside view from the inside.

source: http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-homes/home-on-wheels-sunray-kelley.aspx

Pickup Truck Camper Cutaway, 1967

This pickup truck camper was pretty state-of-the-art stuff for RVs in the late 1960s.
It had a pass-through to the cab; 12v outlets; aircraft inclinometers to indicate when the camper was leveled off; stiff springs; and an over-the-cab bunk.
Source:  Popular Mechanics May 1967

1976 Woodsman 4x4 RV

Brian Terris submitted photos of his 1976 Woodsman. It originally came with a 360, but he is building a healthy 440 for it and will be converting it to part time 4wd. It was stripped out of it when he bought it. I did not realize that the back door lifted up like that. Does anyone have more information about these neat rigs?

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